Who’s the Most Popular Member of One Direction?

So, who is the most popular member of One Direction, going off Twitter stats? The short answer is Harry Styles, by quite a lot!

As of 26th August 2011, Harry has 514,616 Twitter followers, some way in front of all the other four members. In second place is Liam Payne over 115,000 behind, followed by Louis Tomlinson in third. Niall comes slightly behind Louis in 4th, and Zayn props up the band in last place.

Harry has a large following wherever he goes, so it’s no shock that he’s leading the Twitter stats. It must be that curly hair, right?

Number of Twitter Followers for One Direction

Harry Styles: 514,612
Liam Payne: 395,679
Louis Tomlinson: 364,373
Niall Horan: 362,238
Zayn Malik: 357,335

All five boys are pretty active Tweeters, and you’ll find them interacting daily with fans and fellow celebrities. No doubt they get bombarded by messages from die-hard fans – just imagine how many mentions they receive each day!

What would you do if you were one of the lucky few that the boys were following? Well they don’t follow many, and we have the stats breakdown below for you.

Number of People that One Direction are Following

Liam Payne: 714
Niall Horan: 656
Harry Styles: 393
Louis Tomlinson: 355
Zayn Malik: 241

So Liam and Niall follow the most people, with Harry, Louis and Zayn taking the remaining places. Wouldn’t it be great to go into school and tell your classmates that Liam Payne is following you. Can you imagine? :)

Ok, perhaps the reason why Harry Styles has the most followers is because he might send the most tweets? Yes? No? Let’s take a look at how many tweets each member has sent.

Number of Tweets for One Direction

Liam Payne: 3,107
Louis Tomlinson: 3,099
Niall Horan: 2,422
Harry Styles: 1,636
Zayn Malik: 1,162

So it’s not Harry! In fact, Harry comes second bottom, just ahead of our Zayn. Zayn is officially the least active Tweeter, and it’s maybe because of that he has the least number of followers. It certainly can’t be because of his looks. Ooh those eyes! Get tweeting more Mr Malik.

Liam and Louis are top of the pops when it comes to the biggest tweeters, and Niall is in third place. Overall, the band are one active bunch, and it should only do them good if they keep interacting with fans. With the launch of their debut single “What Makes You Beautiful” shortly around the corner (which is predicted to go straight in at No.1), it looks like 1D are going to be very, very big indeed.

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